Your Doctor is Leaving Your Health Plan? This is What You Should Do

So, you just got word that your doctor is leaving your health plan. What the heck are you supposed to do? Does this mean you have to find a whole new doctor? How is your coverage going to be affected by this? Are you going to need to build trust with ANOTHER new doctor? Well, worry not, because we have some sage wisdom in these trying times. The way we see it, there are 3 options…

1. Jump ship

Your doctor is leaving your current health plan, yeah? Well, jump ship with them! We would argue that a valid option in this situation is to change your health plan to one that your current doctor participates in if such coverage is available. You’d need to make sure that you switch health care plans during an enrollment period, however, as your doctor leaving your health plan, unfortunately, doesn’t qualify as special circumstances that would allow you to change plans without penalty. That said, this option isn’t for everyone regardless of enrollment periods. A new health plan with your same doctor might not be among the plans available for you to pick from. This depends on your eligibility in Medicare plans as well as which plans your employer might offer. To find out more about your eligibility, contact one of our licensed representatives, and we can try to help make sure you and your doctor don’t need to break it off. After all, you have such great chemistry! Doc leaving medicare plan inforgraphic, trusted medicare answers

2. Negotiation O’clock

If preferable, once they announce your doctor is leaving your health plan, you could always try to settle a cash price between you and your doctor in order to continue seeing them. However, this option is dependent on a few factors. Is the doctor’s office willing to mediate this negotiation? What will the price be to continue seeing this trusted doctor? Is this new (out-of-pocket) price affordable to you? Regrettably, there are no cut-and-dry answers to these questions. Each of these factors is individually based, so it’s impossible to generalize and tell you that this can definitely work out in your favor. If you find this option isn’t looking too bright, either because the doctor’s office isn’t into negotiations or the agreement is a bit too expensive, it might be high time to take a look the last option…

3. Find a new doctor!

Sadly, you can’t walk into a Costco and browse the aisles for a new doctor that fits your every need while you munch on trail mix samples. Finding a new doctor that you build a trusted relationship with is going to take a decent amount of time and energy, so we say it’s worth heavily evaluating whether or not this is the right choice for you. Everyone has different conditions and health backgrounds, and since you just broke it off with your old flame because that doctor is leaving, you’re the new expert on yourself. Vouch for yourself during every step of finding a new doctor to make sure you’re taken care of. Getting taken advantage of or receiving sub-par care because you just don’t have that *spark* with your new doctor isn’t worth your time!

You’re Going to Make It Through This

The thought of having to change health plans or change doctors from the one you’ve built such a good relationship might be really stressful and frustrating, but that’s exactly why we’re here! Just because your doctor is leaving doesn’t mean it’s the end great care. Contact a licensed representative today and we can help figure out which option is best for you. You and your health matter, and you absolutely deserve to have a great doctor-patient relationship. Make the right choices for you and you’ll be back on track enjoying a healthy life.