Client Testimonials

An important and wonderful service experience

You have given me such an important and wonderful service experience, Dolores, I would really love to send you something to thank you for your immense thoroughness, professionalism, good cheer and kindness. You made a very difficult, dense and confusing process truly understandable!!

You know that I will refer any and all business possible to you from friends who will have this decision in their future.


Indeed a special person. I am deeply grateful to you.

One afternoon as I gathered my mail and chatted with a neighbor in the lobby of our building… the chatter was about Medicare and coverage. I had a Supplemental Plan and thought I’d like to try an Advantage Plan. Well, the neighbor suggested “Dolores” and the rest is history. Dolores was patient and extremely generous with her time. Over the weeks that followed our introduction she spent endless hours on the phone, text messaging and following up with detailed emails. She made certain I was covered and that all my doctors would be available to me. She offered guidance with ways to save money. She was able to facilitate in acquiring Dental Coverage, offering alternatives and walking me through every step of that process. And lastly, she assured me she would be available just in case a change had to be made. Dolores was so impressive that I suggested to a dear friend that he consult Dolores and he did. He was astounded at her expertise. Now he is relieved and so very grateful… Well, thank you, Dolores, you are indeed a special person. I am deeply grateful to you. Happy 2021!!


An Easy Experience

Made signing up for Medicare an easy experience.

Harry F.

Having a Health Care Professional Available Means Everything

When I have a question, Dolores always gets back to me.
If it’s something she can’t answer, she tells me how to find the answer.
Having a health care professional available means everything.

Tom C.

You Make a Difference – Thank you!

It is terrific having someone who can make sense of all these regulations, modifications and changes. You make a difference!

Thank you!!

Joan E.

She is Very Personable and Knowledgeable

I have been very pleased by the efforts of Dolores Cogliano in assisting me in pursuit of my Medicare Advantage plan. She is very personable and knowledgeable. She is very attentive and thorough in her preparation. She carefully listens and gives sound, practical advice. I feel fortunate to have benefited from her expertise.


Dolores has Been a Great Help to Me & my Health Care Insurance Choices

Dolores has been a great help to me and my health care insurance choices. She seems to know everything that’s out there and what’s best and least expensive for me. She is a prize!

David F.

She is Truly One of a Kind & I Highly Recommend Her

Dolores is extremely knowledgeable, extremely helpful.
She is truly one of a kind and I highly recommend her.
She helped me a lot!!

Greta E.

Great Agent and an Even Better Person

I have been with Dolores since 2012 when she began assisting me as I was looking into medicare supplement programs. Many a spreadsheet later I am still with her so the experience must have been good!
Dolores is professional, knowledgeable, client focused, friendly and genuinely interested in her clients and their needs. She is not a one size fits all person but rather tailors her advice to the client and their unique situation.
Lets face it, insurance is one of those things that you have to have and hope that you never use. The one bright spot is getting to interact with Dolores. Great agent and an even better person. John C.

John C.

Dolores Eliminated All Concerns and Provided Medical Insurance Coverage that Works Incredibly Well for Us

A testament to anyone’s expertise is the willingness of others to recommend them . This could not be more true with respect to Dolores. I have been a advocate of her’s since our first meeting.
Navigating the Medical Insurance world today is extremely complicated and frustrating. For my wife and I, Dolores eliminated all concerns and provided Medical Insurance coverage that works incredibly well for us. I go out of my way to recommend her services to family and friends. Anyone who listened to me has not been disappointed.

Jonathan P.

Dolores Was There with So Much Helpful Information

As I approached my 65th birthday in the autumn of 2013 I attempted to find guidance regarding various Medicare plans…it was a stroke of luck to be in the K Mart in Astor Place, and Dolores was there with so much helpful information…she helped me enroll in a United Health Care Advantage plan which has worked out quite well for me…as I grow older I might eventually want a Supplemental plan, and I will definitely contact Dolores when that time comes.

John J.

She is Patient, Attentive and Thoughtful.

It was a struck of luck that I was introduced to Dolores about 3 years ago. After discussions I made my first change to a different advantage plan which provided benefits more suited to my needs. Each year during the enrollment period, she and I review the changes that occur each year and make adjustments as needed.

She is patient, attentive and thoughtful. Just last week I had an issue with the insurance rep (in fact two reps) who I felt were giving me incorrect information. A conference call was arranged so that Dolores and I could speak directly to a supervisor. It was determined that, in fact, incorrect information had been given, and she advised the supervisor to retrain her staff.

Mae P.

Dolores has been excellent as my medical insurance representative.

I am excited to have the opportunity to write this testimonial. Dolores has been excellent as my medical insurance representative. As a retired customer service manager transferring from having private medical insurance for over 30 years to Medicare/supplemental is very challenging, but Dolores made the process so easy and relieved me of any anxiety I had.

Dolores has been available even when I called her from my doctor’s office with an error they had made in my billing and help me resolve the issue immediately and if she is not available when I call she calls back quickly and answers all my questions or concerns.

She is caring, knowledgeable and friendly and I highly recommend her to my friends.

Ellen M.

She is adorable, affable and kind and reassuring. Don’t even hesitate, use her!

Dolores Cogliano is fully armed with the most up to date information and requirements of the Medicare providers and the complex medical system we have to navigate. She will have done all her research for your needs after one meeting and by the second have selected a options that fulfill your needs. She is adorable, affable and kind and reassuring. Don’t even hesitate, use her!

Julia A.

I’m so glad I stopped by her table!! Thank you Dolores!!!

I met Dolores accidentally while I was shopping. My husband recently lost his medical insurance and I was beside myself trying to get him on another plan. I stopped by her table at the department store and we started chatting. She was a GOD send!!! She went above and beyond checking all his doctors and medications and got him on a great plan!! My prayers were answered!! We touch base every year and she gives us the best advice. I’m so glad I stopped by her table!! Thank you Dolores!!!

Pauline and Joey E.

Dolores is the best person we have met in the medical insurance field.

Dolores is the best person we have met in the medical insurance field. She is very professional, patient and extremely generous with her time. She spent a lot of hours on the phone, text messaging and following up with detailed emails. She made certain we were covered and that all our doctors would be available to us. Dolores is great at her expertise. Thank you, Dolores. We are deeply grateful to you.

Julie & Pike

Julie & Pike

She is my go to person for Health Insurance issues.

I have known Delores for a number of years. She is my go to person for Health Insurance issues. I can depend on good solid advice when needed.
She will discuss issues thoroughly to enable you to make the best decisions when it comes to your health care and financial being.

Delores is dependable, and can be relied upon to provide you with information that suits your personal and financial needs. Whatever is best for you.

Willie Mae T.

Thank you for being a true advocate

As a colleague of mine, Dolores can always be counted on to take care of clients we refer to her. We continue to get raving reviews of her care and thorough attention to detail. Thank you for being a true advocate for our clients Dolores!

Rosamaria Marrujo

She is simply the BEST!!!

After 34+ wonderful years working for a top international airline, it was time to retire. Dolores found me the perfect Medicare supplemental plan and I’m extremely pleased with the Aetna Medicare Elite Plan that she recommended. More important, Dolores was a delight to work with, explaining everything in easy to understand terms. To say that Dolores provided outstanding would be an understatement, she is simply the BEST!!!

Robert D.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her

I’m so grateful to have had Dolores to help me sort out the quagmire of information on medicare. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that needs guidance, and who doesn’t.

Paula P.

I feel so lucky to be amongst her clients.

A doctor friend recommended Delores when it was time to enroll in Medicare. Her knowledge base is beyond phenomenal. She was able to address each and every detail that I needed familiarizing with. Based on my particular needs, she was able to lay out a host of potential choices, all with the pros and cons implicated.
She is thoroughly familiar with every new and upcoming plan that becomes available during the open enrollment period. She is always available to answer questions that I may have during the course of the year. She has provided inestimable guidance with regard to decision making that has been needed.
All of this doesn’t even touch how beautiful a human being she is. She is kind, genuine, very compassionate, patient.
I have recommended her to friends and will always continue to do so. I feel so lucky to be amongst her clients.

Vicki C.

I am so happy we found her service.

My wife and I are still in the midst of signing up. I still have just under three months until I retire. This can be a frightening experience and Dolores is taking the fear and uncertainty out of this process. We feel she has our backs and we trust her. I am so happy we found her service.

Dennis H.

I trust her implicitly!!!

Ms Cogliano is an outstanding professional. Honest, responsible and the “ needs of the client “
I trust her implicitly!!!

Ana F.

Delores has become a trusted advisor.

Delores has become a trusted advisor. Working with her I have benefited by her wisdom, knowledge and experience. I would not think of another agent to handle and counsel me on my health benefits.

Cora D.

Dolores has made the Insurance process understandable and complete.

Dolores is a wonderful and kind person who offers guidance through the entire Insurance process.

She has addressed any questions I might have as well as anything
that I would have to do. Dolores has made the Insurance process
understandable and complete. I would recommend her to anyone
in need of Medical Insurance.


Robert D.

Dolores is the best!

Dolores is the best! She came highly recommended by a friend, and helped my both husband and me when he became very ill and we needed to change his medicare plan. I changed mine as well, based on her recommendation. Dolores offered options, explained the choices very clearly and is very responsive. I have since recommended her to several friends who have been as happy with here as I am.

Elizabeth L.

Dolores is one of a kind!

Dolores is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She spent countless hours with us reviewing all our options in great detail and helping us determine what plans were best for us. She took the time to listen to our concerns and made sure that we picked a plan that we were comfortable with. She followed up with us and always answered our questions or helped point us in the right direction if he couldn’t answer something. Dolores navigated us through an overwhelming process and made it so easy. Dolores is one of a kind! We are so beyond lucky and grateful to have worked with her. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you so much Dolores!


Dolores is the best thing since apple pie.

What else can I say but Dolores is the best thing since apple pie. She is truly a wonderful liaison between you and the insurance companies and always helps you make the right decision for you. I have known Dolores quite a few years now and can say she hasn’t steered me in the wrong direction and am grateful that she is my go-to person for health insurance. Dolores always goes above and beyond to help you and is always available to answer your calls and questions. I have and will continue to recommend her to all my family, friends, and acquaintances. Thank you for all you have done for me, it is truly appreciated.

Lorraine A.

Knowledgeable, Professional, Extremely Patient, and Helpful

Dolores was my insurance agent for many years. When I need to contact her I always know that I will get the best possible advice. She makes me feel like I’m a friend about whom she cares a lot. She is very knowledgeable, professional, extremely patient, and helpful.
Thank you, Dolores.

Linna B

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