Client Testimonials

An important and wonderful service experience

You have given me such an important and wonderful service experience, Dolores, I would really love to send you something to thank you for your immense thoroughness, professionalism, good cheer and kindness. You made a very difficult, dense and confusing process truly understandable!!

You know that I will refer any and all business possible to you from friends who will have this decision in their future.


“…you are indeed a special person. I am deeply grateful to you.

One afternoon as I gathered my mail and chatted with a neighbor in the lobby of our building… the chatter was about Medicare and coverage. I had a Supplemental Plan and thought I’d like to try an Advantage Plan. Well, the neighbor suggested “Dolores” and the rest is history. Dolores was patient and extremely generous with her time. Over the weeks that followed our introduction she spent endless hours on the phone, text messaging and following up with detailed emails. She made certain I was covered and that all my doctors would be available to me. She offered guidance with ways to save money. She was able to facilitate in acquiring Dental Coverage, offering alternatives and walking me through every step of that process. And lastly, she assured me she would be available just in case a change had to be made. Dolores was so impressive that I suggested to a dear friend that he consult Dolores and he did. He was astounded at her expertise. Now he is relieved and so very grateful… Well, thank you, Dolores, you are indeed a special person. I am deeply grateful to you. Happy 2021!!


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